Saturday, October 3, 2009

Retain your spine angle by having great footwork

Some are aware that Ben Hogan knew the importance of good footwork. He realized that it was necessary to keep the majority of his weight on the inside of his feet, as well as keep his right foot down as long as possible. It is also obvious that the majority of the changes that Tiger has made have been a result of a more stable and powerful lower body move.

Why have these great ball strikers of our day and the past put such a strong emphasis on footwork? I'll fill you in. If your hind heel comes up abruptly going into and through the impact position what will happen to your spine angle? It also goes upward. If your weight goes out towards the ball what happens? Your spine angle goes downward. But if you use proper footwork your spine angle remains the same.

Consistent and powerful ball srtiking is within your grasp. But to consistently hit the ball solidly you must maintain your spine angle, which can be done by using Solid, Powerful Footwork!